Dr. Becky Elfers

My husband Brian and I have owned Colfax Veterinary Hospital since 1983. Brian is a pilot and aircraft mechanic at Interstate Aviation in Pullman. In those early years, it was less common for veterinarians to refer cases to specialists so we were busy with challenging dog and cat cases and 24 hour emergency care. Aircraft mechanics are excellent orthopedic surgical assistants!

But then life changed with children added and health subtracted. Illness put me in a wheelchair for several months. During this time I envisioned two alternative routes: Pursue another degree and become a science teacher or focus in on the veterinary specialty of feline medicine. Gradually over the next two decades, I have done both.

Since 1999 we have been a part time, mostly cats, veterinary clinic. In 2006 I received a K-12 teaching certificate (Endorsement Biology) and for the next 7 years taught part time at Colfax Junior and Senior High School. A position at Washington State University (Training Coordinator at Office of the Campus Veterinarian) opened up for me in 2013. Our group of Veterinarians and Veterinary technicians oversee the health and welfare of the research and teaching animals at Washington State University. My focus has been on ensuring adequate training for all individuals handling animals. I have written online courses and taught hundreds of hands on skills workshops such as Basic Mouse Handling and Aseptic Surgical Technique.

After 4 years of working full time, my position is now half time at WSU. So, in April 2018, I have re-ignited my vision for a Cats Only veterinary clinic. My goals are:

  • to provide quality care at a reasonable price
  • to communicate well so owners can make informed decisions
  • to reduce the fear factor that cats experience with veterinary visits