Q: When are you open?

A: I do not have regular office hours but I am available by appointment most Saturdays in the fall, winter and spring. Summer months instead of Saturdays, I am available by appointment on Wednesdays.

Q: Are you available when my cat is sick and needs urgent care?

A: No, my focus is well pet, preventative care at a reasonable cost. To provide emergency and intensive care requires a large investment in equipment and employees. Please use good judgment based on the condition of your cat; Contact a full service clinic for urgent care needs.

Q: We have a new kitten! When should we bring her in for shots?

A: Kitten vaccines can be given at 9 weeks and 12 weeks old.

Q: How often does my adult cat need vaccines?

A: Every 1-3 years depending on risk factors.

Q: How often does my adult cat need a physical exam?

A: Every year! Cats age faster than people and yearly exams are important to find minor health issues before they become serious.

Q: When should I spay or neuter my cat?

A: Five to six months old is my recommendation. Minimum age is four months or four pounds body weight.

Q: My cat just had kittens. When can I have her spayed?

A: When the kittens are weaned at about 8 weeks old.

Q: Will neutering make my cat stop spraying urine?

A: Not always. It is best to neuter male cats before 8 months old to prevent them from developing this territorial marking habit.

Q: Do you declaw cats?

A: Very rarely. Instead I show owners how to trim their cat’s nails, use soft paw nail covers, and provide appropriate surfaces for scratching.

Q: My cat killed a bat and is playing with it. What should I do?

A: Wear thick gloves to save the dead bat in an airtight container. Call your veterinarian to check on your cat’s rabies vaccination status. If he is not current on rabies vaccine, there is a risk that this cat could develop rabies and spread it to people. The bat should be tested for rabies and the cat should be confined and observed for 6 months.

Q: We found a stray cat. Can we bring it to you?

A: With my part time office hours, I am not in the clinic enough to provide services for stray cats. Contact the Whitman County Humane Society in Pullman. For cats found in Colfax, an ad in the Gazette or Daily Bulletin might help to find the owner.

Q: We lost our pet. What should we do?

A: Place an ad in the local paper. Check with everyone who lives close to you. Call all veterinary hospitals within 25 miles and ask them to post it on their bulletin board. Call the Humane Societies. See link page on website.

Q: How can I get a copy of my pet’s records?

A: Leave a request for records by phone or email. I will send them to you or the clinic you select, as an email attachment or by regular mail.

For any other questions Contact Dr. Becky Elfers.