Spays & Neuters


Surgery is by appointment. The minimum age for surgery is 4 months old (or 4 pounds body weight). No food after midnight the evening before surgery. No water after 7am on the day of surgery. Bring your cat to Colfax Cat Clinic at 8am unless other arrangements are made.
Please have your cat in a secure pet carrier. Cat carriers are available to borrow if needed.

During Surgery:

All surgeries include: pre-anesthetic sedative and analgesic, anesthetic monitoring, absorbable sutures and subcutaneous electrolyte solution. No extra charge nail trims, ear exam and an abdominal tattoo are
available by request.
Cats may go home between 4-5pm on the day of surgery, if they can be kept confined indoors overnight. Or for no extra charge, they may stay overnight and be picked up at an arranged time on the day after surgery.


Please limit your cat’s activity for one week after surgery. As much as possible, avoid stairs and jumping on and off counters or furniture. Look at their surgery site twice daily. Call or email Dr. Elfers if you notice an increase in redness, swelling or any gapping open of incision. Also call if your cat is not eating or acting normally within 24 hours at home. Gentle, occasional licking at and around the incision is normal. If the licking seems to be more than you would expect, please call for advice. Dr. Elfers usually uses absorbable buried sutures that do not need to be removed.

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