Exams and Vaccinations

Feline Vaccines:

Cat ExaminationFeline Upper Respiratory/Distemper Combo (RCP) contains Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Panleukopenia modified live virus vaccines. It is recommended for all cats whether indoors or outside as these are common viruses, especially the Rhinotracheitis.

Vaccinate at age 9 weeks & 12 weeks, one year later and then every one to three years depending on risk factors (multi cat household, indoors/outdoors, stray cat population, boarding, fostering).

Rabies killed virus vaccine is required by Washington State law for all cats at 12 weeks old, one year later, and then every three years. There can be legal problems if your cat bites someone or if you have a bat exposure situation that is reported to the Public Health Department. The rabies vaccine has been rarely associated with skin cancer in cats. If you have questions about this choice please ask when you come in.

There are other vaccines available for cats but I do not keep them in stock and will refer you to other clinics. My choice is due to costs/risks and benefits. One of these is Feline Leukemia vaccine which has also been associated with skin cancer.

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